Sir Douglas Quintet - Mendocino (1969)

The Sir Douglas Quintet were a Texan rock band formed in the mid-60s by frontman Doug Sahm.

Doug Sahm's Californian lineup of the Sir Douglas Quintet were only around for one album, after which the members drifted apart. Sahm persuaded original members Augie Meyers and Johnny Perez to move up to California from Texas, and they brought with them Harvey Kagan, an old bandmate of Meyers', to play bass. This gave the band the refreshed lineup of Doug Sahm (vocals/guitar/fiddle), Augie Meyers (organ/piano), Harvey Kagan (bass), Johnny Perez (drums) and Frank Morin (horns/percussion/keyboards). They released Mendocino in 1969, its title track becoming a top forty hit. The album blended their hot-pot of influences (R&B, country, cajun, jazz, etc) into a unique form of roots-rock with a strong Tex-Mex flavour. It also included a new version of their 1965 hit single "She's About A Mover". It is generally considered their greatest work.

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