Gib Guilbeau - Cajun Country (1967)

Not released until 1973
Gib Guilbeau is an American country-rock musician, best known as a fiddle player. He has been a member of Nashville West, Swampwater and The Flying Burrito Brothers.

Born Floyd Guilbeau in 1937, he was raised in a musical family and took up the fiddle himself at age fourteen. In his early days he played with various other musicians under all sorts of bandnames (The Four Young Men, The Castaways, The Dudes), and around this time he also met up with long-term musical partner Gene Parsons. The two formed the duo Cajun Gib & Gene (ie Guilbeau & Parsons), and recorded various singles and an album in 1967. They also worked together as session musicians, appearing on records by all sorts of other artists on Gary Paxton's Bakersfield International record label (including The Gosdin Brothers), usually with Wayne Moore and Clarence White (see Nashville West). Their album, Cajun Country, was apparently not released until 1973. It was essentially Guilbeau's first solo album, and featured him as the lead singer on ten country and cajun songs. Parsons appeared as a sideman, playing drums, banjo and harmonica, and singing harmony. All but one of the songs were written by Guilbeau (two in partnership with Parsons, and one with Gary Paxton).
The album is a true obscurity - it was re-issued as Louisiana Rain in 2002, credited to Guilbeau & Parsons and featuring loads of extra tracks from the Gib & Gene sessions (check it out here). This is the original Cajun Country album, extracted from that CD.

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