Gib Guilbeau - Gib Guilbeau Sings (1973)

Gib Guilbeau is an American country-rock musician, best known as a fiddle player. He has been a member of Nashville West, Swampwater and The Flying Burrito Brothers.

Guilbeau had actually recorded his first solo album back in 1967, but it wasn't released at the time. Since then he had been a member of Swampwater, who had released two albums. In 1973 he went to record in Nashville, resulting in several singles and two albums. The first of these, Gib Guilbeau Sings, saw him as a country singer on a modest collection of twelve original songs, recorded with top Nashville session men such as guitarist Reggie Young, pianist Pig Robbins and pedal steel man Pete Drake. It actually doesn't feature much fiddle playing from Guilbeu himself, which is a bit odd. He has been quoted since as saying these songs were just demo recordings, and weren't originally intended to be put out as an album.

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