Crazy Horse - Loose (1972)

Crazy Horse is an American rock band best known for its association with Neil Young, who they have backed on numberous albums and tours since 1969.

After their fantastic debut album, Crazy Horse appeared to be moving out of the shadow of Neil Young, who they had backed on his Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere album. However singer and guitarist Danny Whitten was not functioning at this point due to his heroin addiction, and was reluctantly forced out of the band. They also lost pianist/producer Jack Nitzsche and guitarist/songwriter Nils Lofgren who had helped out as band members on their debut album, as they went on to other things. This left the sole remaining members of Crazy Horse as bassist Billy Talbot and drummer Ralph Molina. However rather than accept that the band was over, they decided to recruite new members and forge ahead under the Crazy Horse name.
First they brought back their old guitarist friend George Whitsell, who had played with them back in their days as The Rockets. They also found a new lead guitarist in Greg Leroy, and a keyboard player in John Blanton. All three new members sang and wrote songs. The result was in all reality an entirely new band, connected to the old one only by the rhythm section of Talbot and Molina and their ownership of the Crazy Horse name.
Though it clearly isn't as strong as Crazy Horse, 1972's Loose is still a great album. Whitsell, Leroy and Blanton all contribute strong material and are fine musicians, and the songs are strengthened by great vocal harmonies. Perhaps if Talbot and Molina had decided to rename the band it would have gained more favourable and generous reviews.

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Maybe not their best album, but the first album was so stellar, and of course included Nils and Danny Whitten.
thanx for the upgrade on both this and Crazy Moon!

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