David Blue - David Blue (1966)

David Blue (real name David Cohen) was an American singer-songwriter and actor.

David Cohen emerged as a singer-songwriter from the New York folk scene of the 60s. His first recordings appeared alongside three other artists on an LP put out by Elektra in 1966 called Singer Songwriter Project. His debut album came out the next year, by which time he was calling himself David Blue.
It has the same sort of sound as Bob Dylan’s early electric music (think Highway 61 Revisited), so much so that it is hard to ignore. Indeed it was no secret that Blue was trying to sound like Dylan on this record. It’s all there - the rough-hewn production, raw guitars, electric keyboards, surreal lyrics and half-sung vocals. It even features Harvey Brooks, the bassist who played on Highway 61. But Blue was not just some Dylan impersonator , but actually friends with the man - they both had roots in the same New York folk circuit. Still, a strange way to start a singing career.

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