Donovan - Fairytale (1965)

Donovan is a British singer-songwriter, who in the 60s emerged from the British folk scene to become a psychedelic pop icon.

Donovan's second album saw him continue to distance himself from his American idols - Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie. In the process he was managing to produce a very unique (and decidely British) form of folk music, with a whimsical, almost childlike sort of charm to it. Most of the songs on Fairytale are originals, though it does include covers of songs by fellow Brit folk guitarist Bert Jansch, and obscure Texan singer-songwriter Shawn Phillips. Phillips was living in Britian in at the time and had struck up a friendship with Donovan - his song "The Little Tin Soldier" seems lyrically made for Donovan, and fit in perfectly alongside the original material. Phillips also added extra 12-string guitar to the record. Donovan was now a chart success in the UK - "Colours" reached #4, and his non-LP version of Buffy Sainte-Marie's "Universal Soldier" (released around the same time) was a number 1 hit.

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