The Meters - Look-Ka Py Py (1970)

The Meters are an influential American funk band from New Orleans.

The Meters' second album followed quickly in the footsteps of their debut, featuring a very similar collection of sparse, funky instrumentals from the close-knit musical partnership of Art Neville (organ), Leo Nocentelli (guitar), George Porter Jr. (bass) and Zigaboo Modeliste (drums). The title song, with wordless vocals inspired by the sound of New Orleans street parades, gave them a third hit, reaching #11 on the national R&B chart. However, despite now having three such successes to their name, the group weren't seeing much in the way of financial rewards.
Around this time they were still working as studio musicians for Marshall Sehorn's Sansu label. They also recorded a couple of songs featuring Aaron's younger brother Cyril on lead vocals (and written by Nocentelli), which saw release as the Josie single "Gossip" b/w "Tell Me What's On Your Mind". Both songs saw Cyril's fiery vocals fit the group's funk grooves perfectly, and their was talk about him becoming their lead singer, but it never happened.

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Douglas said...

The Meters is fantastic


Guelda said...

So groovy and laid back ! Thank you very much for sharing !