The Allman Brothers Band - Enlightened Rogues (1979)

The Allman Brothers Band are an American band formed in the late 60s, considered highly influential in the genre of southern rock, and also known for their musical improvisation in concert.

After The Allman Brothers Band broke up in 1976, all members were kept busy with various solo careers and side projects for the next couple of years. However come 1978 both Gregg Allman and Dickey Betts were thinking were getting the group back together. Jaimoe and Butch Trucks both readily agreed to get back on board, though Lamar Williams and Chuck Leavell declined, preferring to stay with their jazz-rock group Sea Level. Betts brought in two members of his own group Great Southern to make up the numbers, and guitarist Dan Toler and bassist David Goldflies joined the four surviving founder members.
Their 'reunion' album was recorded at Criteria Studios in Miami, produced by Tom Dowd, who had worked with them on some of their best early albums. It saw release in 1979 as Enlightened Rogues, with the group back on Capricorn Records again. The new album definitely had the recognisable Allman Brothers sound, and saw them returning to the duel lead guitar format. Despite being stylistically on target, it didn't really have many memorable songs to compete with their earlier work, though "Crazy Love" actually became a hit and charted at #29, their second biggest seller after 1973#s "Ramblin' Man". Elsewhere on the album there was a cover of Little Willie John's "Need Your Love So Bad" and another Betts-penned instrumental.

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ziggi said...

I always loved this album. I think that this time period for ABB is vastly underated for their earlier work.

Douglas said...

very good album, ty.

Kale said...

I actually enjoy this album more than Win, Lose or Draw. "Pegasus" is a great composition, and "Blind Love" has great energy.

Thanks for sharing.