The Impressions - The Never Ending Impressions (1964)

The Impressions are an American R&B vocal group originally formed in 1958.

The Impressions' second album was their first to be fully produced by Johnny Pate, and so featured the same distinctive horn-driven, uptown soul sound throughout. It had a few unusual covers which saw them veer towards a traditional swing / pop style (including Duke Ellington's "Satin Doll" and Kurt Weill's "September Song"), but for the most part was made up of excellent Curtis Mayfield originals. The lovely "I'm So Proud" was the album's hit, charting at #14 on the pop chart, but there was also a wealth of brilliant album tracks just as good. If it had just been made up of these originals, The Never Ending Impressions could have been the perfect album, showcasing the group's vocals, Pate's production and Mayfield's songwriting spectacularly. The covers did throw it off a bit, but nevertheless it still remains an excellent Chicago soul album, packed full with some real gems.

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