Laura Nyro - Eli And The Thirteenth Confession (1968)

Laura Nyro was an American singer-songwriter and pianist.

Following her brilliant but underrated debut album, Laura Nyo got to perform at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. She impressed David Geffen, who became her manager and helped her get out of her contract with Verve Records to sign with Columbia, where she was given much more artistic freedom. Her second album came out in 1968. Eli And The Thirteenth Confession was arranged and co-produced by Charlie Calello, and like its predecessor combined impressive vocas, interesting songwriting and elaborate, sophisticated arrangements to great effect. Also like its predecessor, it was not a massive seller, but did quickly become a critical success. Two songs from it were soon made into hits by other artists - The 5th Dimension took "Stoned Soul Picnic" to #3, and Three Dog Night got to #10 with "Eli's Coming" the next year.

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Dave said...

This is still my favorite Laura Nyro record. I always felt the production was a little fussy. I think it's what Nyro wanted, it lacked intimacy for me. (I saw Nyro in concert at Tanglewood, with a latin-jazz inflected group backing her, it was memorable.)

If listeners like this, they should seek out the reissued CD. The sound is warm and rich on the 13 original tracks, really fine for a digital restoration. And the 3 bonus tracks are small and intimate, just like I always wanted to hear them.

Artamus Sumatra said...

I love Laura! This one and "Nested" are my two faves, but really ALL her albums are superb. And her original recordings are a million times better than the covers!

Molly Margaret Vogel & Kenneth Robert Beal said...

I just have to say I stumbled across your blog and it is a-mazing. I can't believe all of the hidden gems on your site. I was getting worried I had begun to exhaust all the good music out a 24 year old, I find it difficult to find contemporary music I enjoy. Everyone tells me I should have been born in a different time. You have transported me to that time. So thank you.