Sandy Denny - Sandy (1972)

Sandy Denny was an English singer-songwriter, best known for her role as lead singer for folk-rock band Fairport Convention.

After her solo debut in 1971, Sandy Denny went on her first solo tour. The same year she also took part in a one-off album of rock & roll covers with various Fairport Convention associates, as The Bunch. Her second solo album came out in 1972 - Sandy was produced by her partner Trevor Lucas (who had been in Fotheringay with her, and was soon to become a member of Fairport Convention himself). It was a refinement of the confident folk-rock sound she had debuted the previous year, resulting in an even better album. Eight of the ten songs were originals - the covers Bob Dylan's "Tomorrow Is A Long Time", and "The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood", a Richard Fariña lyric set to the melody of a traditional Irish tune. For this song she multi-tracked her vocals to produced a stunning choral arrangement.
Musicians backing her on the album included assorted Fairport and Fotheringay associates (including Richard Thompson and Dave Swarbrick), plus American pedal steel guitarist Pete Kleinow. Three of the songs had string arrangements, and "For Nobody To Hear" even had New Orleans style horns arranged by none other than Allen Toussaint.

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