Percy Mayfield - My Jug And I (1966)

Percy Mayfield was an American R&B singer and songwriter.

Percy Mayfield had scored a #1 hit in 1950 with the classic "Please Send Me Someone To Love", but his career had been hampered in 1952 by a serious car accident that left him with major facial scars. He stopped performing, but did continue writing and releasing singles throughout the rest of the 50s, on many labels including Chess and Imperial.
In 1961 Ray Charles had a massive #1 hit with Mayfield's "Hit The Road Jack". He then offered Mayfield a job with his newly-formed Tangerine record label, and Mayfield became a house writer. Charles would record many of his songs over the years, including "Hide 'Nor Hair" which gave him another Top 20 hit in 1962. Whilst with Tangerine Mayfield also recorded and released various singles. In 1966 an album was released - My Jug And I featured recordings from '62 to '64, including some which had been singles. All were recorded with Ray Charles' orchestra, and indeed featured Ray himself on piano. Many of the songs were those he had originally recorded back in the early 50s, and with Ray Charles' help they were updated with new cool, swinging arrangements.

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