Laura Nyro - More Than A New Discovery (1967)

Laura Nyro was an American singer-songwriter and pianist.

Laura Nigro was born in New York in 1947 of mixed Russian Jewish, Polish and Italian ancestry. She leant piano as a child, and sang with friends on street corners as a teenager. By 1966 she was calling herself Laura Nyro, and managed to get her song "And When I Die" recorded by Peter, Paul & Mary. The same year she recorded her debut album, and More Than A New Discovery was released in early 1967 on the Verve Folkways label. It was really unique mix of pop, jazz and R&B, with sophisticated piano-driven arrangements. It showcased her remarkable talents as both a singer and songwriter, and though it failed to make much of an impact commercially, it provided much material for other artists to cover - songs from this album became Top 10 hits for Blood, Sweat & Tears, The 5th Dimension and Barabara Streisand during the next few years.

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