Hot Tuna - Burgers (1972)

Hot Tuna is an American blues-rock band.

1972 saw Hot Tuna release their first studio album, coming after two live ones. It was also their first released on Jefferson Airplane's newly formed Grunt Records. The band by now consisted of Jorma Kaukonen (guitar & vocals), Jack Casady (bass), Papa John Creach (violin) and Sammy Piazza (drums). Burgers was a further exploration of their blues-rock style, mixing both acoustic and electric textures, and with the material mostly written by Kaukonen. There were also guest appearances from David Crosby, keyboard player Nick Buck, and slide guitarist Richmond Talbott.
It was a fine album, and significant in the history of Hot Tuna. With this album they made the transition from a side project to a 'real band', as Kaukonen and Casady were by now devoting most of their time to Hot Tuna rather than Jefferson Airplane. The Airplane were still around (Creach was by then a member too), and they were to release one more studio album, but by 1973 it was all over and Kaukonen and Casady were focusing soley on Hot Tuna.

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unitstructure said...

Thanks for sharing this recording.Good stuff. Nice balance of acoustic/electric,pre&post war blues tradition.Kaukonen & Cassidy & Creech made a fine team. The economic guitat work here holds up very well.