Tim Hardin - Suite For Susan Moore (1969)

Tim Hardin was an American singer-songwriter.

In 1969 Tim Hardin signed with a new record label. He had actually recorded for Columbia early on in his career, but had originally signed with Verve instead. His first release with Columbia was a surprising non-album single, a cover of Bobby Darin's "Simple Song Of Freedom" which actually did quite well on the charts. Darin had covered many of Hardin's songs, most famously "If I Were A Carpenter" which had been a Top 10 hit in 1966.
In the summer of 1969 Hardin played at the Woodstock festival, and his first album for Columbia came out the same year. Suite For Susan Moore (full title Suite For Susan Moore And Damion: We Are One, One, All In One) was a strange album, consisting of a suite of deeply personal songs. A very ambitious project, it was dark and moody, the songs set to sparse, jazzy backing and interspersed with spoken word. Altogether it was a very uncommercial release. It was written and recorded during a difficult time for Hardin, when his heroin addiction was getting the better of him. And who was Susan Moore? She had already been mentioned in his earlier classic song "Lady Came From Baltimore". She was his wife, and Damion was their son. They left him during the recording of the album.

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