The Amazing Rhythm Aces - Burning The Ballroom Down (1978)

The Amazing Rhythm Aces are an American country-rock band originally formed in the early 70s.

Burning The Ballroom Down was The Amazing Rhythm Aces' fourth album in as many years, another brilliant blend of country, rock and blue-eyed soul. However compared to its predecessors it was mostly devoid of rock numbers - it was a very mellow album, which turned out to be the best way to showcase the band's strengths. The instrumentation, arrangements and production were superb, Russell Smith's voice was as wonderful as ever, and the songs were simply very, very good. It was notable for several rootsy country-styled numbers (featuring guitarist Barry 'Byrd' Burton playing pedal steel and mandolin), and a trio of stunning ballads which closed the album. It turned out to be a firm fan favourite, and is surely a contender for their best record.
Before the tour to support it, Burton left and was replaced by newcomer Duncan Cameron. As the last album with the classic lineup of Rusell Smith, Barry Burton, Jeff Davis, Billy Earheart, James Hooker and Butch McDade, it marked the end of the most creatively successful period of the band's career.

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