Doug Sahm - Texas Tornado (1973)

Doug Sahm was a Texan singer-songwriter and musician, best known as founder and leader of the Sir Douglas Quintet.

Doug Sahm's second solo album quickly followed his first in 1973. Confusingly it was actually credited to the Sir Douglas Band, but as the Sir Douglas Quintet had by then definitely broken up it can safely be considered a solo release (though members of the Quintet, including organist Augie Meyes, do appear). Releasing his albums under various confusing names would become something of a habit.
Like his first album, and indeed like all the Sir Douglas Quintet albums, Texas Tornado presented a raw Tex-Mex mix of rock & roll, blues, jazz, country and tejano. Parts of it were actually leftovers from the sessions that produced his debut. It featured some great original songs, and a lovely cover of Bobby Charles' "Tennessee Blues". Among the various backing musicians featured can be found Dr John (piano), Flaco Jimenez (accordion), David Bromberg (dobro) and Fathead Newman (sax).

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Anonymous said...

Love me some Doug Sahm! Long live Sir Douglas!

LaserGuided WhiteHaus said...

Thanks man..(assuming here). I've never heard these in their original sequence; and these songs and performances sound just great. Doug was a real talent, and I think it's fair to say he was a visionary too, with respect to both music and society. I was visiting NYNY in '96 or so, and I dragged a few people down to The Bottom Line to see Doug and his 'Last of the Texas Blues Big Bands' (somethin' like that)and, whether the guy and gals I enlisted got it or not, I was in 7th heaven. I'd had my ear to the radio (very excited up in remote small-town late-60s Canada)listening to this guy 25 years prior to that, so for me to finally see him was such a treat that I will never forget it, or him. Augie was there, David Newman, everybody. It was like gettin' to see T-Bone Walker filtered thru Peter Fonda with a Corona and lime chaser. It was SO COOL! Without question, on a purely musical level, one of the very best shows I've ever seen. Doug Sahm was a real hard workin' guy. Really! You shoulda been there.

Anonymous said...

Love it. Thanks for the tale...

Anonymous said...

Thank for this post!
Please, Can you reative the link to the other Doug Sahm (Doug Sahm & band)?
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