Buddy Guy - Left My Blues In San Francisco (1967)

Buddy Guy is a highly influential American blues guitarist and singer.

Buddy Guy was born in Louisiana in 1936, and started playing the blues in Baton Rouge clubs during the 50s. In 1957 he made the move north to Chicago, where he started playing in the West Side clubs along with Otis Rush and Magic Sam. He started to become known for his exciting live performances, and was briefly signed to Cobra Records for a couple of singles before the label folded. He then signed with Chess, but they had trouble marketing him (apparently they weren't too keen on his loud, aggressive style of blues). He worked extensively as a session musician at this time, most notably for Muddy Waters (on his 1964 Folk Singer album) and harmonica player Junior Wells (two albums from 1965 and 1966).
Eventually Chess released an album of his own recordings - Left My Blues In San Francisco became Buddy Guy's belated debut, and introduced his flashy style of soulful electric blues to the record-buying public. It was a modern record which fit in well with the soul and rock styles of the day, and indeed he had become very popular in the rising blues-rock scene, influencing many better known guitarists, both American and British. By this time his contract with Chess had run out, and he was quick to sign with a new label who would market his style more effectively.

|> A Man And The Blues (1968)


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