Rod Stewart - Gasoline Alley (1970)

Rod Stewart is a highly successful British singer-songwriter.

At the same time as Rod Stewart embarked on his solo career he and Ronnie Wood had joined with Ronnie Lane, Ian McLagan and Kenney Jones of the Small Faces to become the Faces. Their first album together had come out in early 1970, and later in the year Stewart released his second solo album. It followed in the footsteps of his debut - in comparison to the boozy rock & roll he was now performing with the Faces, his solo sound was altogether different - a finely honed blend of folk, country and R&B. 
Gasoline Alley expanded and refined this sound, showing even greater evidence of his talents as a singer and interpreter of others peoples' songs (it featured tunes by Bobby Womack, Bob Dylan, Elton John and Eddie Cochran alongside some strong original material). All four other members of the Faces did actually appear, and he also covered an old Small Faces song ("My Way Of Giving", which Ronnie Lane helped him sing). Other musicians who helped out included guitarist Martin Quittenton, drummer Micky Waller, bassist/keyboardist Pete Sears and mandolin player Stanley Matthews.
The album was received well, and got to #27 in the US charts, higher than The Faces' album had managed.

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