JJ Cale - Travel Log (1990)

JJ Cale was an American singer-songwriter and guitarist.

After a six-year period of with no new releases, album number nine took JJ Cale into the nineties. Travel Log, like its predecessor from back in 1983 (#8), was somewhat gritty and tough-sounding, with some of his 'heaviest' rock numbers to date along with some rootsier tunes. Musical backing came from guitarist James Burton, keyboard player Spooner Oldham, bassists Doug Belli and Tim Drummond, and drummers Jim Keltner, Jim Karstein and Jay Mitthauer, plus his ever-present sidekick Christine Lakeland (guitar, keyboards and backing vocals). There was also a brief appearance from singer-songwriter Hoyt Axton, singing backing vocals. It was another solid release, showing that though Cale was getting older, his music was still keeping fresh.

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Anonymous said...

Great to have more JJ Cale - the man's a genius. Many thanks!

David S. Clayton said...

Awesome album, strong tunes from JJ. Recommended.
Thank You.