Rick Nelson - Perspective (1968)

Rick Nelson was an American singer-songwriter, who originally emerged out of the rock 'n' roll era as a teen idol, scoring nineteen top-ten hits between 1957 and 1973.

1968's Perspective was Rick Nelson's second album in the soft, orchestrated pop style he briefly experimented in the late 60s in an attempt to re-ignite his career. It didn't work, and the album sunk without a trace. Nevertheless it wasn't a bad album at all. It consisted almost entirely of covers, including numbers by Paul Simon, Harry Nilsson, Richie Havens and Randy Newman (in fact the second side of the album was almost entirely made up of Newman songs). It had some very nice highlights, most notably the Motown-esque "When The Sun's Shined Its Face On Me" and a wonderful reading of Nilsson's "Without Her". Though this period of artistic uncertainty is by no means essential listening for any but the most dedicated of Rick Nelson fans, the album still endures as some nice period pop music.

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