The Jeff Beck Group - Bonus Tracks (1967-1969)

The Jeff Beck group were an English rock band originally active in the late 60s, led by guitarist Jeff Beck.

This eleven-track album is compiled from the bonus tracks that came with the 2006 re-issues of the Jeff Beck Group's original two albums, Truth and Beck-Ola. The one well-known song here is the uncharacteristically pop-like single "Hi Ho Silver Lining", which was Jeff Beck's first solo release after leaving The Yardbirds. It was produced by Mickie Most, who was not interested in the group, only Beck as a solo artist (it features a rare lead vocal from Beck himself). It was a UK hit in the spring of 1967, getting to #14. It featured an early lineup of the group, with Dave Ambrose on bass and Clem Cattini on drums. Its b-side was "Beck's Bolero", which can be found on Truth.
The other two singles were "Tallyman" (written by Graham Gouldman) and "Love Is Blue", both of which failed to chart. Together with b-sides and alternative versions of a few songs from Truth and Beck-Ola, these songs come to together to make a fine stand-alone album, and a welcome addition to the previously slim output of a truly great band.

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Anonymous said...

How are you?
Could you please re up Jeff Beck Bonus Tracks.
Thanks very much

doug denslowe said...

The bonus tracks on both Truth and Beck-Ola are worth the price of admission.Being a huge fan of the original Jeff Beck Group this like finding gold in a lost safe deposit box.I also recommend the (if you look in the right places)Jeff Beck Group at the BBC.Also the Live at Fillmore West and a couple of other bootlegs that are making the rounds.I bought about 15 of them,without first listening to the quality........big mistake!I'm such a fan,I didn't think anything by this band could be bad.The band is great,but not the recordings!Buyer beware!