Bobby Womack - The Womack Live (1970)

Bobby Womack was an American soul singer, songwriter and musician.

Bobby Womack's third album was a live one, which came out in 1970 on Liberty Records (Minit Records, which his first two albums had been released on, had been shut down and its artists transfered to Liberty). It featured eight songs performed in an intimate club atmosphere, with Womack leading a band consisting of drums, bass, guitar, organ and a small horn section. It featured some familiar songs from his two earlier albums, plus covers of George Harrison's "Something", Sam Cooke's "Laughing And Clowning" and Fred Neil's "Everybody's Talkin'". Another surprise was a guest appearance from legendary R&B songwriter Percy Mayfield, who sang his own "To Live The Past". Womack worked with the audience throughout, with plenty of improvised dialogue. The result was a fine live album, loose and ragged but full of energy.

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