Little Feat - Waiting For Columbus (1978)

Little Feat are an American rock band originally formed in 1969 by Lowell George.

Little Feat had always been a fantastic live act, so it was perhaps a shame that they waited until the late 70s before they put out a live album. By this point they were in decline, as Lowell George was not in good health and was at the same time losing interest in the band. Therefore it was a pleasant surprise when 1978's Waiting For Columbus came out, a double LP set which has often been called one of the greatest live albums of all time! Even when they were experiencing behind-the-scenes conflicts, and were perhaps stagnating artistically, they were still able to put on a fantastic show. The repertoire included both early Lowell George classics and more recent Paul Barrere and Bill Payne numbers, most of them being reworked and extended (and strangely sometimes at slower tempos, which is the opposite of what you normally expect from a live album), with a big, full-bodied sound throughout, several songs being assisted by the Tower of Power horn section.
It turned out to be the last truly significant release from Little Feat - despite the supposed unity the album suggested, things were soon to deteriotate quickly.
The 2002 deluxe CD edition of the album came with a total of ten brilliant bonus tracks from the same concerts Three of these had already been released on 1981's Hoy-Hoy!. The seven remaining tracks still add up to a full album's length in terms of running time. I therefore offer you both the original double album, and a bonus disc of extra material extracted from the 2002 CD.

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