Albert Collins - The Cool Sound Of Albert Collins (1965)

Albert Collins was an American blues guitarist and singer.

Albert Collins was born and raised in Texas, and started playing guitar in Houston blues clubs during the 50s, where he became known for his distinctive biting Telecaster sound. He began recording instrumental singles in the late 50s for small Texas-based labels, all with catchy ice-themed titles - "The Freeze", "Sno-Cone", "Icy Blue", "Don't Lose Your Cool", etc. The most successful of these was 1962's "Frosty", which became a million-seller. In 1965 a compilation album was released, The Cool Sound Of Albert Collins, which put together many of these early instrumental tracks, resulting in a great collection of cool and funky blues grooves, full of not only his razor-edged guitar but alot of great sax and organ solos. It also featured one vocal number, the slow blues of "Dyin' Flu". 

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