Judy Collins - The Judy Collins Concert (1964)

Judy Collins is an American singer-songwriter.

Judy Collins released her first live album in 1964, recorded in New York with backing from Steve Mandell (guitar & banjo) and Chuck Israels (bass). It was another step forward for Collins, as she almost entirely abandoned the traditional folk repertoire and turned to the compositions of new rising songwriters. As well as familiar numbers by Fred Neil, Bob Dylan and Ewan McColl, the album featured three songs from Billy Edd Wheeler, and another three from Tom Paxton, both of whom were relatively unknown artists at the time. It also feautured "Me And My Uncle" by John Phillips, which would years later become well known as a staple of The Grateful Dead's repertoire - Collins was the first to record it (apparently Phillips didn't actually remember writing it until he started getting royalty cheques!).

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