Canned Heat - Future Blues (1970)

Canned Heat is an American blues-rock band originally formed in the 60s.

Founding Canned Heat member Henry Vestine had departed in 1969, and was replaced by Harvey Mandel on lead guitar, in time for the band to play the Woodstock Festival. Future Blues was their first album of 1970, and their first with Mandel, recorded in time for the release to coincide with their European tour. The album's single was a cover of Wilbert Harrison's "Let's Work Together". Harrison had originally recorded this song back in 1962 as "Let's Stick Together", but had in 1969 re-done in with the new lyrics and had a #32 hit with it. Canned Heat asked for their guitar-heavy version to be delayed in the US to allow Harrison's version a chance on the charts, but in the UK (where Harrison's version had not charted) it was released in January 1970, and got all the way to #2. It also has the distinction of being their only hit single to featured Bob Hite rather than Alan Wilson on lead vocals.
The European tour was a success, and they returned to America in May 1970. It was then that Mandel and bassist Larry Taylor both left, and went to work with British bluesman John Mayall, who had recently relocated to California.

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