Ian Matthews - Tigers Will Survive (1971)

Ian Matthews is an English singer-songwriter.

Tigers Will Survive was Ian Matthews' second solo album of 1971, after the breakup of Matthews' Southern Comfort. It continued in the same delicate Anglo-American folk-rock style he had made his own, with both originals and covers. The covers included numbers originally by Moby Grape, Eric Andersen, Pete Carr, Richard Fariña, and most surprising of all, an acapella rendition of Phil Spector's 1963 pop hit "Da Doo Ron Ron" (originally recorded by The Crystals). Instrumental backing came from a large cast which included English rock band Quiver (guitarists Tim Renwick and Cal Batchelor, bassist Bruce Thomas and drummer John Wilson), plus a guest apperance from his old Fairport Convention bandmate Richard Thompson (on both guitar and accordion).

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