Brewer & Shipley - Down In L.A. (1968)

Brewer & Shipley are an American folk-rock duo, originally formed in the late 60s.

Singer-songwriters Mike Brewer and Tom Shipley both got started in the 60s as part of L.A.'s folk scene, and they later joined forces in 1967. Their debut album came out the next year on A&M Records, and introduced their sound - acoustic-driven folk-rock with lots of vocal harmonies. Backing came from a number of big name session players, including keyboardists Leon Russell and Mike Melvoin, bassists Jim Messina and Joe Osborne, drummers Jim Gordon and Hal Blaine, percussionist Milt Holland, and guitarist Lance Wakely.
Though it was a solid start to their career, the album did not make much of an impact in the midst of all the other Californian folk-rock acts trying to get heard at the time.

|> Weeds (1969)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this awesome site. Really top notch! Any chance you might repost Brewer and Shipley - Weeds? Gratitude/Respect

TalentAgent said...

Greetings!......What a Gem. Brings back memories of the 39th Street CoffeeHouse, in Kansas City,Mo. Tom, and Mike used to play there often. I remember them "Headlining" the place just after this A&M Release. Thanks for all you do with the Blog