Judy Collins - Judy Collins #3 (1963)

Judy Collins is an American singer-songwriter.

Judy Collins' third album was another collection of acoustic folk songs, though it is notable for turning away from traditional material and featuring more songs by contemporary songwriters. Included there are two by the then-emerging talent of Bob Dylan, two by the partnership of Jim Friedman and Shel Silverstein, one by Mike Settle (later a member of The First Edition), and some older numbers by Woodie Guthrie, Ewan McColl, Pete Seeger and Fred Hellerman (a band-mate of Seeger's in The Weavers). Instrumental backing came from Bill Takas (acoustic bass), Walter Raim (banjo & guitar) and a young Roger McGuinn (also on banjo & guitar). It's worth noting that the two Pete Seeger songs here ("The Bells Of Rhymney" and "Turn! Turn! Turn!") would both be later taken by McGuinn and transformed into folk-rock masterpieces with The Byrds (and the latter of course would give them a #1 pop hit).

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