Hot Tuna - Hot Tuna (1970)

Hot Tuna is an American blues-rock band.

Guitarist Jorma Kaukonen and bassist Jack Casady were both members of psychedelic rock band Jefferson Airplane from its early days, the two of them providing the group's instrumental flash. Both Kaukonen's guitar and Casady's bass were integral parts of the Airplane sound.
In 1969 the Airplane was momentarily put on hold due to Grace Slick having to undergo throat surgery, and Kaukonen and Casady began playing together as a duo to pass the time, with Kaukonen on acoustic guitar and vocals. When the Airplane began performing again, Kaukonen and Casady started work as the opening act, performing traditional American blues music, and often joined by Airplane drummer-in-waiting Joey Covington and other outside musicians.
In 1970 an album of recordings from the duo was released under the name Hot Tuna. It featured the two of them performing a selection of old blues tunes and Kaukonen originals, accompanied by harmonica player Will Scarlett. Two of the songs were by Reverend Gary Davis, who was a big influence on Kaukonen. They also showed their appreciation of old jazz and ragtime, with the inclusion of two numbers by Jelly Roll Morton. The result was an excellent album of live acoustic roots music, with some exceptionally good guitar and bass playing. It was surprisingly successful, and got to #30 on the album charts.
As the 70s began, Hot Tuna came to occupy more and more of Kaukonen and Casady's time, as Jefferson Airplane began a period of decline and ultimate dissolution.

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