Bo Diddley - Go Bo Diddley (1959)

Bo Diddley was a highly influential American R&B singer-songwriter and guitarist, who played a key role in the laying the foundations of rock & roll.

Bo Diddley's debut album had been released in 1958, though most of the singles it was made up from dated back as far as 1955, when he had scored his first R&B hit. His second run of chart successes began in 1959, with "I'm Sorry" getting to #17 on the R&B chart, "Crackin' Up" getting to #14, and "Say Man" peaking at #3 (and also breaking through to the pop chart at #20). The latter in particular was quite a surprising hit, being in effect a conversation with his percussionist Jerome Green set to a musical backing. The same year his second album was released, featuring these songs and a selection of new original material (plus one repeat from his first album). A particularly notable song was the instrumental "Clock Strikes Twelve", where he played violin.
By the end of the 1950s he had become a true R&B star, with a distinctive style all of his own. These actually proved to be his last notable successes on the single charts, though as the 60s began he would continue to release a series of similarly unique albums.

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