Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - Red Hot From Alex (1964)

Blues Incorporated were an early 60s British blues band, led by Alexis Korner.

1964's Red Hot From Alex was the third album to be released by Blues Incorporated, and their second of the year. It was a studio album, and featured the lineup of bandleader Alexis Korner (guitar), Dave Castle (alto sax & flute), Art Themen (tenor sax), Ron Edgeworth (organ & piano), Danny Thompson (standup bass) and Barry Houghton (drums). Herbie Goins reprised his role as guest vocalist on three songs - otherwise it was all instrumental. It also featured sax player Dick Heckstall-Smith as a guest - he had been a member in the band's early days, but was at the time playing with The Graham Bond Organization
The album had a somewhat more sophisticated sound than its predecessors, as it moved away from pure blues and into jazz territory, with the talented band given full room to show off their chops. However it reached a limited audience, as Korner's days as Britain's foremost blues pioneer were over - this was the sort of thing to be appreciated by music scholars and blues fanatics, not by a commercial pop audience.

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