Jim Ford - Point Of No Return (2008)

Jim Ford was an American singer-songwriter, who after releasing one fantastic album in 1969 mysteriously disappeared from the music business.

It is such a shame that much of Jim Ford's fantastic music didn't see release until after his death. What makes it even more unfortunate is that he died just when there was an insurgance of interest in his music, and he was about to start recording again. Up until his death, his legacy had been built on just one obscure album (1969's Harlan County) and the few songs he had written for other artists, most notably "Harry Hippie" for Bobby Womack. Shortly before he died he was tracked down by Swedish journalist L-P Andersen, and Bear Family Records re-released Harlan County in 2007 with fifteen bonus tracks (see The Sounds Of Our Time). It was later that year that he was found dead in his trailer home, just as plans were being put together for a charity gig in London.
Just a few months after his death, Bear Family released Point Of No Return, a second compilation of newly discovered outtakes and demos (and one super-obscure single), easily as good as the first one. Apparently these recordings had been hiding in a canvas bag in his trailer all these years. They revealed more of his genius as a songwriter, with his down-home mix of country, soul and pop. Among the sixteen songs here are some alternative versions of ones originally released on The Sounds Of Our Time, the best being a stunning reworking of "I Wonder What They'll Do With Today". Also includes his own version of "Harry Hippie".
The more of Jim Ford's music that is discovered, the more it becomes clear that he was a vastly talented man, making the story of his career even more tragic.

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