The Falcons - I Found A Love: The Falcons' Story Part Two (1960-1963)

The Falcons were an American R&B vocal group active from 1955 to 1963.

In 1960 a young Wilson Pickett replaced Joe Stubbs in The Falcons, joining existing members Eddie Floyd, Mack Rice, Willie Schofield and Lance Finnie. In the early 60s they released several more singles, their sound becoming increasingly soulful. Their backing musicians at this time were usually Robert Ward's Ohio Untouchables. 1962 gave them their second biggest hit, "I Found A Love", written by Pickett and featuring his distinctive lead vocals. It got to #6 on the R&B chart. It was one of Pickett's first great songs, and an early indication of the success that was soon to come his way.
Shortly after its success Pickett embarked on a solo career. The Falcons broke up in 1963. Pickett wasn't the only one to go on to great things, as both Mack Rice and Eddie Floyd became successful singers and songwriters on the Stax record label. Pickett himself later had a hit with Rice's "Mustang Sally" in 1966.
This sixteen-song compilation (originally released in 1985) covers the Wilson Picket era of The Falcons' history. Three of these recordings (including "I Found A Love") would later find their way onto Pickett's 1965 album In The Midnight Hour.
Though the group had broken up, The Falcons name did see some use after 1963. It was taken over by The Fabulous Playboys, led by Carlis 'Sonny' Monroe. However they never had any successes to compare with "You're So Fine" or "I Found A Love".

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