David Grisman - The David Grisman Quintet (1977)

David Grisman is an American mandolin player.

David Grisman's second solo album was credited to his band, The David Grisman Quintet, consisting of Grisman himself (mandolin), Todd Phillips (mandolin), Tony Rice (guitar), Darol Anger (fiddle) and Bill Amatneek (bass). Whilst his debut had been pretty much all bluegrass, it was with this second album and his new band that he really created something unique. It was all instrumental, and despite the mandolins, guitar and fiddle, it had more in common with jazz than traditional bluegrass, in particular the gypsy swing of Django Reinhardt. Grisman had moved beyond genre restrictions, and was simply making incredible acoustic music with some very talented musicians. Nowadays this style which he pioneered is often reffered to as part of the 'newgrass' movement.
Most of Grisman's albums from this point onwards would be credited to his Quintet, though its line-up has changed frequently over the years.

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