Tim Hardin - Tim Hardin 2 (1967)

Tim Hardin was an American singer-songwriter.

Tim Hardin's big break came in 1966, when singer Bobby Darin had a Top 10 hit with his composition "If I Were A Carpenter". This really put him on the map as a songwriter, and soon the song was being covered by a myriad of other artists. His second album came out in 1967, and featured ten excellent original songs including his own version "If I Were A Carpenter". Stylistically, it followed the same folk-based blueprint of his first album, but without the blues flavours and with overall a more refined sound (the string arrangements used a bit more subtley). Again it didn't produce much chart success for Hardin himself, but by now he was comfortably making enough money through royalties earned by other artists' recordings of his material. Over the next year or so versions of his songs would be released by Joan Baez, Rick Nelson, The Small Faces, The Youngbloods, Three Dog Night, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, The Dillards, Scott Walker, The Beau Brummels, Nico, Sonny & Cher, Johnny Cash, The Four Tops and Glen Campbell.

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