Quicksilver Messenger Service - Solid Silver (1975)

Quicksilver Messenger Service were an American rock band originally formed in the 1960s, part of San Francisco's famous psychedelic rock scene.

By 1975 the 'classic' lineup of Quicksilver Mesenger Service had not been together for a long time. Since 1971 the only members of this lineup left were guitarist Gary Duncan and drummer Greg Elmore, as singer-songwriter Dino Valenti had taken the reins. Valenti had been inolved in the band's early years before they recorded their debut album but had been sent to prison. He had rejoined the group in late 1969. Valenti led the latter-day Quicksilver through two albums, and toured with them until 1975. It was then that a reunion of the original band was organized, with Valenti included as well. Solid Silver was released in '75, featuring Dino Valenti (guitar/vocals), Gary Duncan (guitar/vocals), John Cipollina (guitar/vocals), David Freiburg (bass/vocals) and Greg Elmore (drums). Keyboards were provided by Nicky Hopkins, Pete Sears and Michael Lewis, and backing vocals came from Kathi McDonald (who had been with Big Brother & The Holding Company in the early 70s).
The album did not sell well, and was unfairly dismissed by the critics (in much the same way that The Byrds' 1973 reunion album was). This is a great injustice, as it was a fantastic album. All members got a chance to shine, with excellent playing, and strong songwriting from Valenti, Duncan and Cipollina (all singing their own work). Freiburg's contribution was "I Heard You Singing", which he co-wrote with Robert Hunter (Hunter's version had already appeared on his 1973 solo debut).
The reunion was short-lived, and Freiburg and Cipollina went their own ways again (Freiburg was by now a member of Jefferson Starship). Valenti, Duncan and Elmore toured for a while longer with other members, but Quicksilver were effectively over, making Solid Silver the final, sadly overlooked chapter in the band's chequered history.

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