The Butterfield Blues Band - Keep On Moving (1969)

The Butterfield Blues Band were an American blues group fronted by vocalist and harmonica player Paul Butterfield, who was one of the first well-known white blues singers.

By the end of 1968 Paul Butterfield was the only original member left of his band, as guitarist Elvin Bishop had left that year, along with keyboard player Mark Naftalin and bassist Bugsy Maugh. Naftalin was replaced by Ted Harris, Maugh by Rod Hicks, and Bishop by a young Howard 'Buzzy' Feiten. They joined Butterfield, drummer Phillip Wilson, and the three-piece horn section of David Sanborn (alto sax), Gene Dinwiddie (tenor sax) and Keith Johnson (trumpet).
Before they recorded together, the new line-up got to play at the Woodstock Festival, although their performance wasn't featured on the resultant film (they did appear on the soundtrack). Their new album came out in October '69, produced by Jerry Ragavoy. It continued in the direction of their last two albums, moving further away from pure blues and into soul territory. The horn section was used to full effect, and Buzzy Feiten proved himself perfectly capable of filling the shoes left by Mike Bloomfield and Elvin Bishop. The songwriting was also shared around the band, with two also contributed by Ragavoy, and a couple of covers.
Though it's not generally considered one of the band's best releases (generally the opinion of those who didn't approve of their move away from blues), it's still a fine record.

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