Kaleidoscope - A Beacon From Mars (1968)

Kaleidoscope were an American psychedelic band originally active from 1966 to 1970.
In early 1968 Kaleidoscope released their second album, following in the footsteps of their innovative debut. A Beacon From Mars took their psychedelic fusion of genres to new levels, featuring folk-rock, psychedelia, blues, traditional folk, country, jazz and middle-easten sounds. Standout covers included Doug Kershaw's "Louisiana Man" and Willie Cobb's "You Don't Love Me". Most notably it featured two songs which stretched to over ten minutes in length - the psychedelic title track and "Taxim", which saw them emersing themselves deep in middle-eastern music. The result was an album even more experimental than their debut, and for that reason it fared even worse on the charts. Nevertheless, it endures today as excellent proof of the band's skill, versatility, and musical daring.

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