The Falcons - You're So Fine: The Falcons' Story Part One (1955-1960)

The Falcons were an American R&B vocal group active from 1955 to 1963.

The Falcons were formed in 1955 in Detroit, Michigan. Originally they were a mixed race group, consisting of Eddie Floyd, Bob Manardo, Arnett Robinson, Tom Shetler and Willie Schofield. This first line-up released the single "Baby That's It" in 1956, before Manardo and Shetler (the two white members) left. Manardo was replaced by Joe Stubbs (brother of The Four Tops' Levi Stubbs), who also brought with him guitarist Lance Finnie. Robinson was the next to leave, to be replaced by Mack Rice. This left them with the first classic Falcons lineup - Floyd, Stubbs, Rice, Schofield and Finnie. The now all-black group started to emphasis the R&B and gospel elements of their sound, and so became early forerunners of the Soul genre. Their biggest hit was "You're So Fine", which got to #17 on the pop chart and #2 on the R&B chart in 1959, with Stubbs on lead vocals.
Stubbs left the group in 1960, and was replaced by Wilson Pickett. This album (originally released in 1985) chronicles the Joe Stubbs era of the group, with songs from both the first lineup (with Manardo and Shetler) and the 'classic' lineup. Its release was the first time that their songs had been compiled onto an album.

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Does anyone know the name of the tenor sax player on "YOU’RE SO FINE" by the FALCONS?

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