Ian & Sylvia - So Much For Dreaming (1967)

Ian & Sylvia were a Canadian husband-and-wife folk duo.

1967's So Much For Dreaming was the album with which Ian & Sylvia finally embraced the folk-rock movement, as perhaps their original audience was dwindling. Though of course it's far from rock music, almost all the songs on this album do feature drums, two years after Dylan went electric and The Byrds hit the charts with "Mr Tambourine Man". Ian & Sylvia's style of folk music had always been on the conservative side, but the backing of drums and other instruments (including occasional electric guitar, and some sparse orchestration) on this album worked very well and suited their style fine.
The opening song was a great cover of "The Circle Game" by Joni Mitchell - one of the earliest versions, as this was the year that all sorts of singers and bands started recording Mitchell's material (a year before she'd release her debut album).

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Carol .P said...

Saw Ian & Silvia with my brother in Toronto in the late 60's. Folk is still his favorite music to play and sing to. I'm finding your blog fascinating.


Carol .P said...

I love the title of your blog, because so many of us are in the time of our lives when we are thinking back. I've just reconnected with a bunch of childhood friends, and they love sharing memories too, of music and everything else we did.