Ian & Sylvia - Play One More (1966)

Ian & Sylvia were a Canadian husband-and-wife folk duo.

Ian & Sylvia's fifth album saw them began to experiment more through their use of instrumentation, and so could tentatively be called their folk-rock debut. For the most part the changes were subtle, and didn't change their sound, though a close listen will reveal electric bass guitar replacing the acoustic standup bass. Two songs also featured electric organ, leading to quite an unusual instrumental combination, and "The French Girl" was embellished with some tasteful strings. Two songs stood out as being very different. The first was the title track, which was given a full band arrangement featuring electric guitar, bass, drums, strings and mariachi horns. The second was a surprising cover of the Gene Pitney hit "Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa", complete with an electric band arrangement fairly faithful to the original. Whether these songs were the ideas of Ian & Sylvia themselves or Vanguard Records in the hope of crossing over into the pop world is uncertain, but the results certainly came together very nicely.
Elsewhere on the album were covers of Leadbelly's "When I Was A Cowboy" and the country classic "A Satisfied Mind".

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