Don Covay - See-Saw (1966)

Don Covay is an American soul singer and songwriter.

The 1965 song "Mercy Mercy" had given Don Covay's recording career a good kick start, after years of failing to light up the charts (finding more success as a songwriter). In 1965 he was re-signed to Atlantic Records, and through them he got access to the Stax studios in Memphis (where many of Atlantic's soul artists went to record). His next big hit was "See-Saw", co-written with guitarist Steve Cropper.
His second album came out in 1966, and was a compilation of singles and other tracks recorded at Stax (with "Mercy Mercy" appearing again). These Memphis recording sessions saw his music take on a grittier soul edge, particularly notable on the funky "Fat Man", "Sookie Sookie" and "Iron Out The Rough Spots". The result was another underrated classic album of 60s soul.

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Who plays guitar on See Saw? Jimi Hendrix?