The Buttefield Blues Band - In My Own Dream (1968)

The Butterfield Blues Band were an American blues group fronted by vocalist and harmonica player Paul Butterfield, who was one of the first well-known white blues singers.

In My Own Dream was the second album from the new eight-man lineup of The Butterfield Blues Band. Like its predecessor (1967's The Resurrection Of Pigboy Crabshaw), it showed them moving away from pure Chicago blues and starting to incorporate more jazz and soul influences in their sound, making full use of their three-piece horn section. It also showed them becoming much more of a group democracy rather than just Paul Butterfield's band, as the vocals were shared around. Butterfield sang lead on three songs, bassist Bugsby Maugh sang on two, drummer Philip Wilson sang on one, and guitarist Elvin Bishop sang on one (his self-penned "Drunk Again"). Maugh also wrote three of the songs. It also featured a guest appearance from Al Kooper, on organ.

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