Ginger Baker's Air Force - Ginger Baker's Air Force (1970)

Ginger Baker's Air Force was a short-lived jazz-rock group led by drummer Ginger Baker.

Ginger Baker rose to prominence as one of rock music's most important drummers in the 1960s through his role in the band Cream, with Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton. Previously he had played with pioneering British blues groups Blues Incorporated and The Graham Bond Organization.
After Cream's dissolution in 1968, he joined up with Steve Winwood, Ric Grech, and Clapton again to form the supergroup Blind Faith. After that group also broke up, Clapton went on to other things, and Baker looked to form his own band. Winwood and Grech both stayed with him. Among the others who joined in were his old bandleader Graham Bond and Winwood's Traffic bandmate Chris Wood. The full eleven-piece line-up consisted of Baker himself (drums/percussion/vocals), Winwood (organ/bass/vocals), Grech (bass/violin), Bond (sax/organ/vocals), Wood (sax/flute), Denny Laine (guitar/vocals), Harold McNair (sax/flute), Bud Beadle (sax), Jeanette Jacobs (vocals), Remi Kabaka (drums/percussion) and Phil Seamen (drums/percussion). Hardly a typical rock band line-up, with four sax players and three drummers.
Ginger Baker's Air Force could best be described as a jazz-rock fusion group, but with such a strong emphasis on percussion, their sound was really quite heavy. Various members sang, but the focus was mostly on instrumentals. Their first album was a live one, taken from a concert at the Royal Albert Hall. With a lot of focus on jamming, many of the songs clocked in at over ten minutes. Unsurprisingly, it features alot of drum solos. The songs themselves included numbers from his days with The Graham Bond Organization ("Early In The Morning"), Cream ("Toad") and Blind Faith ("Do What You Like"). Also featured a version of the traditional tune "Man Of Constant Sorrow", arranged and sung by Laine.

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