Gene Clark - Two Sides To Every Story (1977)

Gene Clark was an American singer-songwriter, best remembered as a founding member of The Byrds.

Three years passed since 1974's No Other before Gene Clark released another album. By then he had left Geffen records and signed with RSO. Two Sides To Every Story came out in 1977, and for the most part offered more characteristic Gene Clark country-rock, including a rendition of the traditional tune "In The Pines". Two songs stood out for having a hard bluesy rock sound - a cover of Young Jessie's "Mary Lou" and a new version of his own "Kansas City Southern" (which he originally recorded with Dillard & Clark). Elsewhere it featured some truly spectacular ballads, always Clark's strong point, including a stirring string-laden cover of James Talley's "Give My Love To Marie", the tragic tale of a dying coal miner.
Featured guest musicians included Emmylou Harris, Byron Berline, Doug Dillard and Al Perkins.
Like most of Clark's albums, it failed to get far on the charts.

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