Moby Grape - Truly Fine Citizen (1969)

Moby Grape were an American rock band, part of San Francisco’s famous 60s psychedelic scene.

In 1969 Moby Grape bassist Bob Mosley shocked his bandmates by leaving to join the marines. This left the band with the trio of Peter Lewis (rhythm guitar/vocals), Jerry Miller (lead guitar/vocals) and Don Stevenson (drums/vocals). They headed to Nashville to record their next album, with session bass player Bob Moore filling in for Mosley. Truly Fine Citizen was quickly recorded in three days with producer Bob Johnston. It had an almost live sound, with little to no instrumental overdubs, and stylistically leaned a little bit further towards country-rock than their previous albums had. Released to quickly fulfill their contract for Columbia records, whilst the band were in the midst of a legal battle with their manager Matthew Katz, and lacking two of their original members, there was potential for Truly Fine Citizen to have fallen flat... But fortunately that's not the case. Whilst of course it never made it far on the charts, it's actually an excellent album, and sees the remnants of the band in a delightfully laid-back and positive mood.
Bob Mosley's career with the marines never got far. During basic training he was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, and was discharged within nine months.

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