Billy Preston - Music Is My Life (1972)

Billy Preston was an American singer-songwriter and keyboard player, best known for his talents on the Hammond organ.

By late 1972, Billy Preston was riding high on the success of his instrumental "Outa-Space", and his next album took it one step further. Music Is My Life contained his most famous song, "Will It Go Round In Circles", an irrestistably danceable number that became his first #1 hit when it was later released as a single in 1973. It raised his public profile like any chart-topping hit would, and remained his signature song for the rest of his life.
The rest of the album was in his by now familiar soul/funk/gospel/rock style, and included an upbeat cover of The Beatles' "Blackbird". He's backed throughout by an excellent band consisting of the Johnson brothers George (guitar) and Louis (bass), Hubert Heard (keyboards) and Manuel Kellough (drums). It was the first album he produced himself.

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