Tom Rush - The Circle Game (1968)

Tom Rush is an American singer-songwriter.

Tom Rush began, as most 60s singer-songwriters did, as a folk singer amidst the American folk revival, and as most folk singers did in the mid 60s, began to move away from traditional material and started writing his own songs. It just happened that his sixth album, The Circle Game, proved to be an incredible record, both a folk-rock masterpiece and a landmark in the singer-songwriter movement. It was produced by Arthur Gorson, with Rush's voice and acoustic guitar assisted by some fantastic musicians (including guitarist Bruce Langhorne and keyboard player Paul Harris) and some tasteful orchestral backing. Harris was also credited in the liner notes as 'arranger', and much of the strength of the album arguably came from the brilliant arrangements and production.
Most of the songs were covers, and importantly it featured many songs by then-upcoming songwriters Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and Jackson Browne. Mitchell and Taylor had only just started recording themselves, and Browne wouldn't release his debut until 1972, so it was established artists such as Rush recording their songs that got them started in the business. Also featured a cover of Charlie Rich's "So Long". However The Circle Game wasn't just a cover album, as it ended with two brilliant Rush originals - the guitar instrumental "Rockport Sunday" and the oft-covered "No Regrets".
It still today remains his best-selling album.

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